“I give God all the glory…”

December 2015 I was diagnosed with a Pulmonary Embolism. A blood clot on my left lung, infact they said I had 3. I attended my first meeting of A Day with the King in 2016 and was ministered to by the worship. A particular song ‘Great are you Lord’, the chorus says… “It’s your breath in our lungs, so we pour out our praise!”.

“The praise and worship has been awesome…”

“I have come away from the day with the King feeling refreshed, strengthened​ and at peace. The praise and worship has been awesome. It has given me a sense belonging within the body if Christ. This has allowed my faith to be uplifting knowing that each moment the King is present in my life. I cannot wait for the next one!”


Be blessed…

“Prepare to meet with God in a spectacular way and be blessed, challenged and be inspired. God speaks to me so powerfully and clearly at each meeting. I have made friends, heard from God and enjoyed being in His presence at each event.”


“We have seen healings…”

“We thank God for His provision, over many years, in unusual and amazing ways. We have seen healings and deliverances which show the power of God and we give Him all the Glory”

Stephen & Rose

The doctors were baffled…

I believe God was doing something miraculous as I went up for prayer and was reminded of my calling, a word God has given me: Isiah 61… After 6 weeks of blood thinning medication and a follow up. The doctors were baffled as they had to retract the diagnosis. They said it was inconclusive that I had a clot. I give God all the glory as my daughter and I saw the 3 spots from the CT scan on my lungs.


“Empty yourself of life’s baggage!…”

“I have been several times to spend a Day with the King and honestly, I leave there feeling like a Queen! A great opportunity to spend more time in his presence and just to empty yourself of life’s baggage! A real time to meet one to one with the Lord and unload. A place to hear the Lord speak to you and totally saturate yourself in his presence. Great teaching and worship music allowing the Holy Spirit to minister to the depth of my heart.”


I have grown so much…

A Day with the King has been a wonderful opportunity for me to come into Gods presence. I couldn’t speak more highly of it! Its been going for a few years now and I have noticed such a wonderful spiritual growth within myself because of this ministry. It’s an opportunity to just say, “Lord, I just want to sit by your feet and hear from you; give you all the praise and glory.”

“It makes such a difference when we do something like that. I have grown so much and I know it’s because of times like this when we can get a spiritual soaking. There’s no particular itinerary. We just worship the King and wait to hear from Him. He’s never let us down and He never will. I’d really recommend it to everybody.”


“Surrounded by God’s love and peace…”

I’ve had some real special experiences at the Day with the King events. I’ve been to 3 so far and plan to continue attending in the future. It’s been especially helpful when I’ve needed refreshing from the trials of life and hardships becoming overwhelming. The atmosphere that is set there is like you’re completely surrounded by God’s love and peace. It’s like the spiritual equivalent of a spa day.


“I always come away encourged

“I have attended and served in the Worship team at these meetings and each time i have encountered and experienced the presence of God in a new and fresh way. I love how fluid the day is. No agenda and no script. Just a day full of worship, testimonies, prophetic Word and sharing of the Word. I always come away encouraged and filled a fresh with the Holy Spirit. A day with the King is a day not to be missed!”